12 May 2006

The engines are dead

Updates have certainly gone downhill, haven't they just? My apologies for this. It's just that other than the release of the final DVDs - which are 100% fantastic, don't get me wrong - nothing much has happened.

The biggest bugger in the history of buggery is still the absence of funding for The Movie. I pray daily believe you me.

Anyway, be sure to subscribe to my Atom feed to have updates delivered straight to your desktop; no doubt I'll get back on the case as soon as things have picked up.

Until then, Ganymede & Titan is your best port of call for all your Dwarfy needs.

Thanks for checking back.

Ta ra for now.


21 December 2005

Because there are no sounds to hear

Apologies for being poor with updates of late. I am aiming to get things going again in the New Year.

Reasons for being so poor are simple: 1) Not much* has been going on in the name of Dwarf. And 2) I have been rather busy with university commitments.

*Series VII has, of course, been released on DVD and looks to be an amazing release. I haven't actually opened my copy yet because of the university commitments mentioned previously. And yes, it's been painful having to wait this long.

Other news includes an online comic, various pieces of merchandise (headknockers, Mr Flibble glove puppets, calendars etc) being released. And in fan news, the OD gang have uploaded several behind-the-scenes treats from their winning fan film here. Souper!

Anyway, like I say, hopefully things will start up again in the New Year. Until then: Merry Christmas.

06 October 2005

Rob Grant interviewed on BBC Radio

There is an audio interview with Rob Grant on BBCi here.

I've not actually listened to it yet, as Real Player isn't installed on this computer. But the article states that, among other things, Rob talks about his "latest novel", Incompetence.

Now, we all know that this novel has been available for almost two years in hardback, or just over a year in paperback. So whether the page has simply been updated in some way, I don't know. (The article claims to have been last updated on 26th September 2005.)

Have a look anyway, and I'll comment further when I've actually heard the thing.

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30 September 2005

Identity Within preview

As if the wait for the Series VII DVD wasn't hard enough, the official site has today posted a preview clip of the 'lost' episode, Identity Within.

Watch the clip here - requires QuickTime.

This DVD is going to be fantastic. But of course, we all know that.

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23 September 2005

Chris Barrie's website relaunches

As discovered by Ganymede & Titan, Chris Barrie's official website has relaunched here.

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